Captain Naveed Breaks 30-Year Old SSG Record..

Pakistan Military are known for their valor. Putting your nation before your own self takes a ton of fortitude and they experience a ton of preparing and difficult work to get to that degree of physical and mental quality. 

Pakistan Armed force's Uncommon Administrations Gathering (SSG) embraces extraordinary activities subsequent to experiencing extreme preparing. SSG Chief, Naveed Hussain, has broken a 30-year-old record for physical perseverance by running for more than 6 hours with no break.

Becoming a piece of SSG is exceptionally intense considering just a bunch of officers endure because of the outrageous preparing and a progression of tests covering vital reasoning, mental wellness, and physical conditioning.Running in his rigging, Commander Naveed secured a record-breaking separation of 60 km in 6 hours and 28 minutes. The youthful solider's rigging incorporated his SMG and an intensely stacked unit pack. 

Already Pakistani officers have substantiated themselves among the best by winning awards in various military rivalries, UN missions, and in outside preparing institutes, for example, the Illustrious Military Foundation in Sandhurst, UK, and so on.

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