Dua Mangi Identified Her Kidnappers In Court.

It appears that the all around exposed instance of Dua Mangi, who was captured in December a year ago, is nearly at its consistent end. The Karachi-based young person was hijacked for payment, and there was a ton of talk in the media for why the ruffians were all the while wandering the avenues of our nation freely.On Walk eighteenth, two suspects were captured out of a pack of five, who were behind Dua's seizing. They were found in various regions of the nation and were being investigated for suspected grabbing for recover. 

Afterward, at a court hearing in Legal Officer South, Karachi, Dua recognized the two criminals and said that they, alongside their assistants, captured her from outside of an eatery. The suspects, Zohaib Qureshi and Muzaffar, had been under constrainment for seven days

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