How To Apply For Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Program

With a huge burden leveled at Pakistan's advancement with financial requirements and joblessness obstacles, things are getting really intense recently. Individuals are urgent to find employments, asset for instruction, food for wellbeing, and regrets for harmony. 

Our Prime Minister Imran Khan has been very occupied recently, with reporting various plans to handle destitution and rouse training. Among such authentic parts of development and backing, Khan's administration as of late declared the
Ehsaas Undergraduate scholarship

Ehsaas Grant Program is the biggest need-based undergrad grant program throughout the entire existence of Pakistan. This practically abandons saying, however this grant is the biggest ever program in our history. 

The PM Imran Khan declared 200,000 grants in the up and coming four years' time. Consistently, 50,000 grants will be granted to the gifted and poor understudies of the nation for a 4-to-5-year college degree program.

Instructions to apply for Ehsaas Undergrad Grant 

Visit official site of Advanced education Commission to

Ehsaas online application

Finished structures alongside essential records can likewise be submitted to Monetary Guide Office of chose colleges. 

Try not to send application straightforwardly to HEC or BISP. 

Ehsaas Undergrad Grant program will cover 

100% education cost 

Yearly living allowance of Rs. 40,000/ - 

Who can apply for Ehsaas Undergrad Grant program? 

Understudies with family salary under 45,000/ - 

Concentrating at whatever time of undergrad program in open area college. 

half grants are saved for ladies 

2% grants are saved for understudies with inabilities. 

Ehsaas Undergrad Grant program Choice Models 

Legitimacy and requirements based (In view of understudies GPA and family salary) 

Colleges Secured under Ehsaas Grants 

Understudies of all open division colleges who satisfy the qualification standards. 

Geological spread 

Every one of the four areas 



Gilgit Baltistan 

To what extent understudies can benefit Ehsaas Undergrad Grant program 

Scholarly advancement and execution will be checked. 

Subject to good scholastic advancement understudies will keep on getting grant all through their undergrad program. 

By what means will the education cost and allowance be paid? 

Education cost will be paid straightforwardly to the colleges. 

Living allowance will be paid in the financial balance of the understudy after important check. 

How Straightforwardness be guaranteed no

Subtleties of grants will be accessible on the Ehsaas just as HEC web-based interface.
Distinction between Ehsaas Grant and different projects in nation 

This program speaks to three significant perspective changes in the grant arrangement of the legislature. In the first place, this is the biggest ever need-based grant program. It is for understudies from low-pay families, so as to empower them hope for advanced education. Just an extremely little level of past grants given by the administration/HEC were needs-based. 

Furthermore, it is the biggest ever national grant program. Over the most recent 14 years, HEC has granted a sum of 30,000 undergrad grants, while this plan will give 50,000 grants, each year. 

Thirdly, this grant centers around improving the acquiring capability of the beneficiaries. Past grants were focused on postgraduate projects, i.e., they accepted that understudies would pay for undergrad instruction all alone. The Ehsaas grant assets under-graduate instruction, which is the surest method to empower individuals to emerge from destitution, and which contributes the most to salary producing potential. 

Subsidizing encompass for this program 

Every year at least Rs.5 billion will be assigned to this program. 

Last Date for Applying 

December 10, 2020 

For submitting and stacking the official application for the grant program, if you don't mind visit this HEC-connected page for joining! 

This was about How To Apply For Ehsaas Undergrad Grant Program. For more data, leave a remark and mention to us what you think! 

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